School governors don’t have individual authority: we work together and act as a body. To manage our workload we delegate some tasks to committees, working groups, and individual governors.  Their recommendations are then brought to the full Governing Body for ratification.


Resources Committee

The Resources Committee is appointed by the Full Governing Body to consider all aspects of financial planning, staffing, premises and health and safety, and to make recommendations to the Full Governing Body. It determines or advises the Full Governing Body on matters relating to finance and resources – human resources (including personnel policy), buildings, equipment, etc. – and such other matters as the Full Governing Body may from time to time remit to them. Current members of the Resources Committee are: Emmanuèle Forsythe (Chair), Ed Read, Voirrey Carr, Sara Harris, Joe Cooke, Adebowale Ademiluyi, Jane Vlitos and Shannon Stephen.


School Improvement Committee

The School Improvement Committee (SIC) is appointed by the Full Governing Body to consider issues related to the quality of teaching and learning, attainment, and academic standards. It makes recommendations for consideration by the Full Governing Body. Current members of the SIC are: Joy Topping (Chair), Ed Read, Voirrey Carr, Emmanuèle Forsythe, Kim Rogers, Sue Fuggle