Term of Office Ends


Pecuniary Interests

Mrs Voirrey Carr Foundation 

Chair of Governors

Voirrey Carr

13.11.19 Chair of Governors


School Improvement



Trustee at Seacourt Hall Trustee at OASIS
Mrs Joy Topping Co-opted Vice Chair

Mrs Joy Topping Community

01.09.19 Vice Chair of Governors


School Improvement (Chair)

None declared
Mr Ed Read Headteacher

School Improvement



None declared
Mrs Sara Harris Co-opted

Mrs Sara Harris Co-opted

01.09.19 Resources Nonedeclared
Mrs Jane Vlitos Foundation

Mrs Jane Vlitos Foundation

18.08.20 Resources None declared
Mrs Kim Rogers Parent Governor

Mrs Kim Rogers Parent

10.10.17 School Improvement Children in Year 4 and Reception
Prince Adebowale Ademiluyi

Parent Governor

Prince Adebowale

23.03.20 Child in Year 1
Mrs Emmanuelle Forsythe

Parent Governor

Mrs Emmanuelle Forsythe Parent

03.04.18 Resources (Chair)


School Improvement

Children in Years 5, 4 and 2
Mrs Sue Fuggle Local Authority

Mrs Sue Fuggle Co-opted

22.06.18 School Improvement


None declared
Mrs Shannon Stephen


Mrs Shannon Stephen Community

01.09.19 School Improvement Child in Year 6 Trustee at St.Anne’s College, Oxford

Miss Anna Pearson (Clerk to the Governors)

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